The Code_Aster ProNet aims to create a new impulse :

  • to encourage the industrial teams involved in the appropriation of Code_Aster Open source, in particular to help the raising of service supplies ;
  • to cultivate and make known the appreciation of Code_Aster Open source : freely opened source code, structure for scientific collaboration and capitalization of computational mechanics models, space of creativity ;
  • to connect the actors of the community beyond the technical and specific exchanges on the forum.

Advantages for the community

  • To create multilateral exchanges (with EDF R & D and between the members) of better quality while raising the limits of a public and anonymous forum ;
  • To increase the visibility of the members on the various applications carried out and the various practices of use ;
  • To disseminate privileged information on the axes of evolution engaged by the actors contributing to the development, of which EDF R & D ;
  • To gather and structure of the requests to the service providers ;
  • To gear down the opportunities of cooperative developments.

Advantages for EDF R&D

  • Opportunities for new collaborative-development and partnerships;
  • Reputation for the quality and the performance of EDF’s software products ;
  • Feedbacks from the community : judgments by peers, extension of usages, feedbacks on the quality of Code_Aster Open source ;
  • Create an impulse in the community and attract young engineers who see in our company and our partners a more modern and free vision of computer science technology ;
  • To encourage more efficient service suppliers for the extension of the distribution and the benefits of every user.

Four categories of voluntary organizations are invited to join the Network :

  • industrial teams (team R&D, operational or subsidiary team, research departments suppliers or not from EDF…) ;
  • academic teams committed in actions of teaching ;
  • research teams and organisations for exchanges between university-industry about Code_Aster Open source as a framework for capitalizing researches in computational mechanics ;
  • service providers and Value Added Reseller for Code_Aster Open source.

Membership to the Network is open, but a membership agreement will guarantee to all the members an effective operation and a protection against the diversion of the objectives of co-operation around Code_Aster Open source

The membership (for three years) to the Network concern organizations actually engaged in the use, and/or the distribution or the development additional of Code_Aster Open source.

The academic organizations ensuring teaching with no lucrative goal can join without paying fee.

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